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History of S-N-S's

Outstanding Record

and How We Achieved it



I know you doubt how any one in today's world could possibly have this record of no uncompleted jobs in 28 years and our outstanding record with the Better Business Bureau. This record can only be achieved by communication and our four step rule of business.


Rule 1: The most important rule between contractor and client, there must always be total daily communication at all times to stay on the scope of the project (Husband, Wife or any others in leader ship).


Rule 2: I must know exactly what you want and follow the scope of our contract and our verbal communication.


Rule 3: The client must make sure all their payments according to the contract (1/3 down, 1/3 at half way and 1/3 on completion) are made to allow us the financial resources to complete the project in a timely manor.


Rule 4:  If you, the client, at any time during construction see any workmanship unsatisfactory contact us immediately also if there are any changes in the scope of the job, or you would like to do something different call us to help you modify the cost as soon as possible. (Timing of this process may keep you from paying any differences, the sooner the better.)

I hope now you understand why there is no doubt why you will become another special client and extend our outstanding completion record and show the pictures of your home on this web site to your friends and family. 


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